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The Devaluation of Music

The Devaluation of Music

There’s been an article circulating lately called, The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think. There are a lot of valid points in it, and it’s worth the read. At the same time, instead of using it as a moment of despair, let’s see how...

Average Day For A Musician

The picture says it all. Average Day for a Musician, successful vs unsucessful. Stop making excuses and living by fear. Be determined and relentless. You can achieve whatever you put your mind and actions towards. Fear is the product of the unknown. Learn what it...


I want to be a drifter. Not someone wandering place to place, or being slowly carried by the current. No. I want to be like a racecar, going so fast towards the finish line that it has to skid sideways around the turns.